Stuart on January 1st, 2011

Sencha Animator comes as a desktop application used to create rich HTML5 animation. It’s currently in its infancy but could have real potential. There is one drawback at this point-in-time however; it requires a Webkit browser to work. This means it will work in Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Iphone, Ipad, Blackberry torch, Google Android and other Webkit based browsers. But it will not fully work in IE, Opera or Firefox. At least not until the CSS3 is fully supported (IE 9 claims support).

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Stuart on December 5th, 2008

Hey folks, I’m in the process of putting together some ideas for our upcoming JavaScript Coding Contests. Several years ago, I ran some coding contests on a PHP website (PHP Programming Contests)… they were great fun at the time, and ran for a couple of years. Since JavaScript seems to be the cool language now, [...]

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Stuart on October 13th, 2008

Javascript, as you may know, has not changed very much since it first appeared back in the 90′s. Over the past couple of years, however, many people have been pushing to give the language an overhaul. It could take another couple of years before these new additions are in place in all major browsers (who [...]

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Stuart on October 12th, 2008

Adobe AIR introduces a whole new subject when talking about Ajax. I’ve decided to create an new website dedicated to developing Adobe AIR applications, by way of Air Tutorials. It’ll cover both HTML with JavScript and Flex (mxml and ActionScript). Snippet manager is the first sample application available, which was built using Flex. There will [...]

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