Stuart on May 14th, 2006

Ajax and PHP – Building Responsive Web Applications Packt Publishing have been kind enough to send me an copy of their Ajax and PHP book. I now have dedicated place for this book on my work desk, and expect it’ll come in extremely handy when building my next Ajaxed and PHP based application. The book [...]

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Stuart on May 11th, 2006

Update. Sadly the website mentioned in the post is no longer available. Here is another very interesting Ajax resource well worth a read. This article give some nice examples of things you can do with Ajax, some tutorials and also explains the history of Ajax. The article is several months old and you may already [...]

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Stuart on May 11th, 2006

Just read an interesting article over at sitepoint by James Edwards. Titled AJAX and Screenreaders: When Can it Work? Quote: We’ve all heard a great deal of buzz about AJAX in the last few months, and with this talk has come a legion of articles, tips, presentations and practical APIs designed to explore the possibilities [...]

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